Presenting: “Mr. January” Jeff Rocker, Central Florida’s Hottest Male entertainer is now available for your party: bachelorette, birthday, ladies night out, office parties, etc.

Jeff is experienced and has toured worldwide including: Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Caribbean and many, many more. He has headlined with “The Men of Sunset Strip”, “The Men of Playgirl”, “The Chippendales” and “America’s Most Wanted” male revue shows. Jeff has been featured on Men’s Fitness Forum telvision and was the Fitness Spoke’s Model for “Sharp Bodies Fitness Clubs”. He is the lead dancer for Fairvilla’s “Ladies Night” events in Orlando/Cape Canaveral and for Adam and Eve events in Saint Augustine, Florida.

Why should you choose Jeff Rocker rather than calling an agency advertising on the internet??

It’s simple! By calling the number below, you will be able to make your party reservation by talking directly to Jeff. There is no middle person like online agencies have! During this conversation, Jeff will answer all of your questions and will explain exactly how he performs his show to make your event memorable.

Calling an Online Agency instead of calling Jeff direct…

Agencies found on the internet usually post fake pictures on their website. They promise you a certain dancer and then the night of your party, a completely different guy shows up. Unfortunately, by his appearance, this is when you find out why agencies don’t use real pictures. You have to either be uncomfortable and turn him away, or you are stuck with him because you have a house full of people expecting a stripper… Your special event is now ruined. This is avoided by calling the dancer directly. Jeff 407-334-8832.

The only sure way that you know you will get exactly what you were promised is to talk to your dancer directly when ordering!


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Birth Month: December 22 (Christmas baby :)
Favorite part on a woman: Her eyes
Enjoys Jet Skiing, Family Events, and Pleasing the Crowd

Jeff Rocker is your complete professional adult entertainment connection for all of your special events including:

  • Bachelorette
  • Birthday
  • Office
  • Sorority
  • Retirement
  • Going Away
  • Divorce
  • Girls Night Out
  • Passion Party